Things To Do On The Costa Brava!

There are plenty of wonderful things to do on the Costa Brava, so drag yourself away from that beach and...

  • take a walk through a National Park,
  • watch beautiful birds in a wetland area,
  • shoot down a water slide,
  • walk through a shark tunnel,
  • step back in time amongst Roman Ruins.

  • We are wild at heart and so love to head off to a nature filled place for the day. Jonnie loves birds (the feathered variety!) so we often go to Aiguamolls d L’Emporda to see the housing estate of storks.

    Another favourite is the windswept Cap de Creus headland.

    Or if we fancy a slighter longer day trip or perhaps a couple of days away - we head off to the stunning Pyrenees.

    Aquarium Costa Brava Sant Pere de Rodes Costa Brava Markets Costa Brava

    Our nephews and nieces provide a good excuse to hurl ourselves down water slides in rubber rings (will we ever grow out of that?), and to check out the sharks in aquariums.

    Whereas slighter older visitors see us visiting beautiful medieval villages, a monastery with the most stunning view ever, and Roman ruins on the beach.

    Aiguamolls d L'Emporda Costa Brava Ruines de Empuries Costa Brava Waterparks Costa Brava

    There really is something for everyone here on the Costa Brava.

    CULTURAL Things To Do On The Costa Brava

    WILD Things To Do On The Costa Brava

    FUN Things To Do On The Costa Brava

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