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L'Escala's Beautiful Beaches

L'Escala has grown quite extensively from the fishing village it once was. Yet despite this, it has some really lovely beaches.

Since 2011, the Bay of Roses (which includes the beaches of L'Escala, Sant Marti d'Empuries, Sant Pere Pescador, Empuriabrava and Roses) is in the Most Beautiful Bays in the World Club! This is a UNESCO endorsed classification.

The best of L'Escala beaches are the sandy crescents (El Moll Grec, Platja de Les Muscleres, Platja del Portitxol, Platja del Rec del Moli) that stretch between L'Escala and Sant Marti D'Empuries.

L'Escala Costa Brava Spain

Spain Beaches...L'Escala - EL MOLL GREC

El Moll Grec is the smallest of these crescents. It faces north east and ends in a thin sliver, forming a promontory between Empuries beach and Les Muscleres. It sits behind the remnants of the Greek jetty of Empuries.

L'Escala Costa Brava Spain

Spain Beaches...L'Escala - PLATJA DE LES MUSCLERES

Next is Platja de Les Muscleres, which sits in front of a row of tall pine trees that separate it from the promenade (Passeig Maritim D'Empuries) and the impressive ruins of Empuries. There are a couple of temporary beach bars on Les Muscleres in the summer months

L'Escala Costa Brava Spain

Spain Beaches...L'Escala - PLATJA DEL PORTITXOL

Platja del Portitxol is a bit small than Platja de Les Muscleres, which it joins at a sandy promontory which juts out between the two beaches. Platja del Portitxol is backed by a hotel (Hostal Empuries).

Spain Beaches...L'Escala - PLATJA DEL REC DEL MOLI

Separated from Platja del Portitxol by a small pine clad rocky headland, is the final of these lovely crescent beaches, Platja del Rec del Moli.

L'Escala Costa Brava Spain

This beach is also backed by a row of tall pine trees that separate it from the promenade (Passeig Maritim D'Empuries - a very attractive 2 km long asphalt path that goes all the way from L'Escala to Sant Marti d'Empuries).

L'Escala Costa Brava Spain

Spain Beaches...L'Escala - CREU COVE

This is a tiny sand cove full of small fishing boats. I'm not sure anyone would fancy lying on this beach.

Spain Beaches...L'Escala - TOWN BEACH

The town beach of L'Escala is nothing special. Its a small gritty sand beach. There are some nice cafes along side the beach though, and the old narrow streets of L'Escala are nice to wander round.

L'Escala Costa Brava Spain

Spain Beaches...L'Escala - PORT D'EN PERRIS

Is another even smaller gritty sand beach.

Spain Beaches...L'Escala - PLATJA DE RIELLS

Platja de Riells is the next attractive beach of L'Escala. Not nearly as lovely as the beaches of El Moll Grec, Platja de Les Muscleres, Platja del Portitxol and Platja del Rec del Moli, but considering this beach is in the town, it is very nice.

It's a long, wide sandy strip which meets the harbour at one end and Passeig del Mar (an apartment lined road with a nice wide pavement that hugs the waters edge…perfect for a nice stroll whilst watching the sailing boats in the Gulf of Roses) at the other end.

L'Escala Costa Brava Spain

Behind the beach is a wide promenade lined with cafes and restaurants. There is also a small children's play area right on the sand.

Every Sunday morning a market is held almost on the beach.

Spain Beaches...L'Escala - CALA ILLA MATEUA

Next is the rocky cove of Cala Illa Mateua.

There is a shipwreck just off shore, making it a fantastic dive site. But not only that, the shipwreck lies in shallow waters, so you might catch glimpse of it whilst snorkelling!

Spain Beaches...L'Escala - CALA MONTGO

Cala Montgo is the last beach before the unspoilt beautiful Montgri Massif headland rises up.

Cala Montgo actually belongs to L'Estartit, but I always think of it as being part of L'Escala because it is so close, in fact, there is no real separation between the houses of L'Escala and Montgo.

Cala Montgo is a pretty sandy beach (not particularly long, but quite wide).

L'Escala Costa Brava Spain

Backed by cafes and restaurants. From here you can hire kayaks to head off to explore the coves of the Montgri Massif headland!

In 2007 the L'Escala beaches of Moll Grec, Les Muscleres and Riells were awarded a Blue Flag. In 2008 it was the turn of L'Escala Town Beach and Cala Montgo. Cala Montgo was also awarded a Blue Flag in 2010 and 2011.

See L'Escala's Beaches On The Tourist Train

From 15th June to 30th September, 08.00 until 24.00, the tourist train-bus (el carrilet) rides between the L'Escala beaches all the way to Sant Marti d´Empuries. The train runs every hour and costs €2 per journey.

There are 2 tourist bus routes:

  • Departing from the Plaça de les Escoles, through the centre of L’Escala town, stopping at La Punta, Passeig Maritim, Platja de Riells, Port, Avda Montgo and Cala Montgo.
  • Departing from the Plaça de les Escoles, through the centre of L’Escala town, stopping at C/ Ave Maria, the Archaeological Museum of Catalonia-Empuries and Sant Marti D´Empuries

  • Costa Brava Beaches - L'Escala - Costa Brava Webcam

    Want to see what L'Escala look like right now?…take a look at the beach webcam.

    Costa Brava Spain Beaches - L'Escala - General Information

    Where to stay?...check out:

    Hotel L’Escala

    Camping L’Escala

    Costa Brava Beaches - How to get to L'Escala


    Zoom in on L'Escala on the map below to see the numbers and names of the roads. The nearest motorway is the AP7.

    If you need car hire in the Costa Brava please click on this link.

    View Costa Brava Spain in a larger map


    You can get to L’Escala by bus from Flaça, Girona and Barcelona. Please see for details.

    If catching a bus from Perpignan (it stops at Figueres) see for details.


    The nearest train station is Camallera (16km away).

    Please see for details (you have to click on the 'find all stations' button and manually find Camallera, as for some reason the website doesn't list it in the drop down menu). However, you will have to arrange a taxi or a hotel pick up from there, so you may find it easier/cheaper to catch the Sarfa bus from Flaça train station, which goes to L'Escala.


    The nearest Costa Brava airport to L'Escala is Girona Airport (45 km away). Check out flights at Ryanair.

    The next closest airport is Perpignan Airport (80km away). Check out Ryanair or Flybe.

    You can also fly to Barcelona Airport (162 km away). Check out Easy Jet for flights.

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