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The Wildest Beach on the Costa Brava...
Platja de Castell

There is a beach on the Costa Brava that is completely unspoilt by development...

just one house hides in the trees and the old boat house on the beach serves as a xiringuito (beach bar shack) in the summer...

a wide sandy beach backed by pine trees and scrubby heath...

Platja de Castell Costa Brava

...its name is Platja de Castell.

Coming under the municipality of Palamos, Platja de Castell, is a very unusual beach.

There are hundreds of unspoilt coves hidden all along the Costa Brava, but nowhere else, is there a beach the size of Platja de Castell, that has escaped development.

Platja de Castell Costa Brava

Why has it escaped?

Conservation groups lobbied for years to prevent developers from moving in. They won the fight. Hooray!

After the rain, a river will often divide Platja de Castell in it an even wilder feel.

Platja de Castell Costa Brava

There is even an Iberian settlement to explore on the promontory at the north end of the beach.

Costa Brava Spain Beaches - Platja de Castell - General Information

Where to stay?...check out:

Camping Platja de Castell

Spain Beaches - Platja de Castell - How Do You Find The Wild Beach


Zoom in on Palamos and then on Platja de Castell on the map below to see the numbers and names of the roads. The nearest motorway is the AP7. From Palamos you need to take the C-31 road towards Palafrugell and look out for the sign to Platja de Castell, which takes you off the C-31 onto a minor road that skirts La Fosca.

Or if you fancy a 20 minute walk, you can park at La Fosca and walk along the lovely coastal path (Cami de Ronda).

If you need car hire in the Costa Brava please click on this link.

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You can get to Palamos by bus from Flaca, Girona and Barcelona. Please see for details.


The nearest train station is Flaca (30km away).

Please see for details (you have to click on the 'find all stations' button and manually find Flaca, as for some reason the website doesn't list it in the drop down menu).


The nearest Costa Brava airport is Girona Airport (40 km away). Check out flights at Ryanair.

The next closest Costa Brava airport is Barcelona Airport (100km away). Check out Easy Jet for flights.

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