Cost of Living Costa Brava Spain
(Supermarket Prices)

A lot of our visitors want to know what the average cost of living on the Costa Brava is, particularly the cost of food in the supermarket.

So, we have set out below the cost of common foods and household products from several of our supermarket trips in 2013.

Hopefully this list of the average costs of goods will help you in your holiday planning.

Cost of Living Costa Brava
Spanish Supermarket Prices - 2013

Bananas (platano) - €1.25/kg

Apples (manzana) - €1.50/kg

Avocado (aguacate) - €2.99/kg

Olives (aceitunas) - €1.29/900g tin

Carrots (zanahoria) - €0.68/kg

Lettuce (lechuga) - €1.55

Peaches (melocoton) - €2.09/kg

Oranges (naranjas) - €1.25/kg

Potatoes (patatas) - €1.20/kg

Tomatoes (tomate) - €0.99/kg

Pumpkin (calabaza) - €3.44

Mushrooms (champinon) - €0.99/300g

Broccoli (brocoli) - €1.00

Aubergine (berenjena) €

Onions (cebolla) - €1.45/500g

Peppers (pimiento) - €58/each

Tinned chopped tomatoes (tomate troceado) - €2.28

Frozen bag of peas (guisantes) - €1.19

Baked beans - €3.85/4 tins

Cheese (queso) - €1.75/250g sliced 

Bread sticks (picos de pan) - €0.49

Crisps/potato chips (patatas fritas) - €0.75/180g bag

Croissants - €1.19 (bag of 9 small croissants)

Cookies (galleta) - €1.29 (small bag)

Chocolate - €2.10/big bar

Chorizo - €2.89/500g

Salami (salchichon) - €2.89/500g

Chops (chuletas) - €4.50

Serrano ham (jamon) €2.50

Fish fingers (varitas pescado) - €1.80

Sausages (longaniza) - €3.00

Tuna tins (atun) - €2.09/ 3 cans

Pizza - €2-3

Spaghetti - €0.79/kg

Rice (arroz) - €0.71/kg

Rice cakes (arroz de tortas) - €1.09

Bread (pan) - €0.99/loaf

Pasta - €0.79/bag

Weetabix - €2.70

Chocolate cereal - €2.95

Muesli - €3.95

Water (agua) - €2.12 for 5 litres

Fruit juice (zumo fruta) - €0.61/kg

Coco cola - €6.05/12 cans

Fanta - €2.00 /2 litres

Milk (leche) -  €1.70/1.5 litres

Coffee (cafe) - €5.45/bag of filter coffee

Coffee (cafe) - €1.72/jar of soluble coffee 

Beer (cerveza) - €0.39/per can

Wine (vino) - €4-10.00

Sangria - €1.19/carton

Ketchup - €2.09

Mayonaise - €1.99

Pesto - €2.05

Sugar (azucar) - €0.93/bag

Jam (mermelada) - €1.63/jar

Marmite - €3.30/small jar

Butter (mantequilla) - €2.15

Honey (miel) - €3.05/jar

Tin foil (papel de aluminio) - €1.70/30 metres

Washing up liquid - €1.63

Clothes washing liquid - €1.16

Toilet paper (papel de bano) - €2.29 (9 rolls)

Baby wipes (toallitas) - €1.49/79 wipes

Nappies (panal) - €8.40/pack 20

Sunscreen - €14.90

Tampax - €3.65

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