Big Game Fishing In Spain!

big game fishing in spain

Big game fishing in Spain - off the coast of Barcelona

Fancy an exciting day out on the high seas?.. 

Experience big game fishing off the coast of Barcelona or further up the coast on the Costa Brava, in this ultimate day out of adventure.

Prices start at €100 per person (much less if you are a big group, such as a stag party). Full price details below.

You’ll be fishing in waters protected from industrial fishing, leaving a coastline teeming with fish (and the skipper with his 30 years of experience knows all the best spots to find them). In fact the skipper is so sure of his abilities to find the fish that he reckons on 90% of his fishing trips the customers get exactly the catch they want. The other 10% of the time it's down to bad weather/seas and he can't control that!

You'll be able to try out different fishing techniques, including trolling, bottom fishing, spinning and jigging in depths up to 250 meters.

Your skipper will discuss with you the type of fishing you want to do and will help you chose the best fishing technique to get the best results...

  • Ultimate sport fishing - catching a predator fish - they’ll put up a good fight!
  • The best eating fish - take your catch to a local restaurant 
  • Technical fishing using special rods

Extreme fishing!

A great day out with your mates enjoying a cold beer whilst relaxing in the sun, where you stand every chance of reeling in sea bass, sea bream, tuna, shark, swordfish, bluefish, dolphinfish, bonito, mackerel, mahi-mahi, octopus and hake to name but a few.

Your skipper is a conservationist and respects and protects all species. He cooperates with the oceanographic institutes for best fishing practices - meaning he operates a Catch and Release of big game fish and any legally protected endangered species.

Big Game fishing Barcelona!

As an experienced fisherman, he will share with you not only his expert fishing skills, but also his knowledge of the marine life that inhabits the Mediterranean Sea.

Why not join your skipper for lunch at the local beach bar restaurant after your fishing trip to enjoy your catch, cooked to perfection by the staff. Always one of the highlights of the day!

big game fishing barcelona

end your day with a great meal...that you caught yourself!

After a hard day out on the high seas, celebrate by taking your catch to a local restaurant where they will cook you up a feast to remember. 

Who Would Enjoy This Fishing Trip?

big game fishing in spain
big game fishing barcelona

Big Game Fishing in Spain - it's for everyone

Everyone!..from families to groups of friends...from novices to experienced fishers.

If there are members of your group that don’t want to fish, that’s fine. They can just relax on the sun deck and watch you do all the hard work. In fact, you can charter the boat solely for a leisure trip if you like. 

Remember, it’s not all about big game fishing - keep a look out and you may spot whales, dolphins and turtles bopping out of the water.

The Big Game Fishing Boats

You’ll charter a fast deep sea fishing boat with all the fishing equipment you’ll need (including electric power fishing reels - for them big fish!)

Groups of 1-10 people ('Nelly' - big boat):

Deep sea fishing charters - Barcelona (1-10 people)

Moored in Sant Andreu de Llavaneres (38km north of Barcelona, 22km south of the Costa Brava). Easily accessible from Barcelona by taxi/car in just 35 Minutes. Or by train it takes 50 minutes (a scenic ride along the coast).

Up to 10 people can charter this luxurious big game fishing boat (kitted out like a yacht), plus the skipper and deck hand. Perfect for family fishing, big parties or events that want lots of space. 

A first-rate tournament fisherman deep sea fishing boat. Very comfortable and steady. This big game fishing boat uses modern equipment and tackle for fishing. 

You’ll have the use of a sunbathing deck at the front of the boat, a large cabin, sun/rain canopy, music, toilet, shower and kitchen (with fridge), modern fishing equipment, GPS, Fish-finder and radio.

Snacks and drinks (beer, water, soft drinks) are available on-board, but feel free to bring your own drinks and food.

If there are more than 10 of you, then you can also hire the other boat at the same time. 

Groups of 1-8 people ('Ramfel' - medium sized boat):

Deep sea fishing charters - Barcelona (2-8 people)

Moored in Arenys de Mar (35km north of Barcelona, 25km south of the Costa Brava), it offers by far the best fishing in the Barcelona region! Easily accessible from Barcelona by taxi/car in just 30 Minutes. Free parking at the harbour. Or by train it takes 50 minutes (a scenic ride along the coast).

This boat takes a maximum 8 passengers (6 fishing) plus the skipper and can fish up to depths of 250 metres. This boat can handle really challenging high sea and deep sea fishing!

The boats are fully equipped with modern fishing technology (including GPS, Fish-finder, electric power fishing reels and radio). Other facilities include a sunbathing deck at the front of the boat, cabin, sun/rain canopy, music, toilet, shower and kitchen (with fridge).

Snacks and drinks (beer, water, soft drinks) are available on-board, you can also bring your own.

Big game Fishing

hen party fishing Barcelona 

When Can I go Deep Sea Fishing?

Having been blessed with a mild climate and calm seas, the sport fishing trips operate all year, every day. 

Where Will We go Fishing in Spain?

We take out fishing tours all along the Maresme-Barcelona coast and the Costa Brava coast.

Fishing tours leave from Port Forum-Barcelona and Arenys de Mar port. We may also be able to arrange to pick you up and drop you off direct from your accommodation.

How Much?

The price per person varies depending on the size of the group. The prices listed below include insurance, fishing-licence, skipper, all fishing equipment and fuel, making it one of the most affordable fishing trips on the Costa Brava.

The fishing trips are 4-9 hours long depending on the option you choose and start at about 8am in the summer and 9am in the winter (fishing is better in the morning). 

'Ramfel' (medium sized boat) - groups of 2-8 people:

1-6 people (distance from coast of 4 miles, duration of 4-5 hours) - costs 650€ for the boat. Experience trolling, jigging, spinning for smaller tuna, bonitos, mackerel, horse mackerel, barracuda and smaller mahi-mahi.

1-6 people (distance from coast of 12 miles, duration of 6-7 hours) - costs 850€ for the boat. Experience trolling, jigging, chumming for bigger tuna, bonitos, mackerel, albacora and mahi-mahi.

1-6 people (distance from coast of 12-25 miles, duration of 9 hours) - costs 1,200€ for the boat. Experience chumming for giant tuna, sword fish and big mahi-mahi.

'Es Cau' (big boat) - groups of 1-10 people:

1-10 people - costs 850€ for the boat

So are you ready for the ultimate adventure?

Then lets go big game fishing....

big game fishing in spain

Deep Sea Big Game Fishing

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