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Below is a complete list of all the hotels in L’Escala.

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Hotel Costa Brava - L’Escala...

Hotel Can Miquel L’Escala


Stars: ☆☆

Price: €€

Size: 32 rooms

Location: Almost on the lovely Montgo beach!..with the beautiful Montgri Massif behind. This Costa Brava hotel is 3km from L’Escala town centre. Although, there are shops nearby in Montgo itself.

Description: Beautiful rooms in a beautiful beach setting, with swimming pool, garden, tennis courts, bar and an apparently top-notch restaurant.

Review: On the left was a beautiful horseshoe shaped bay with golden sand and a catamaran bobbing on the waves, and on our right a low rise building which was the Can Miguel...(read more)

Hostal Empuries L’Escala


Stars: ☆☆ (Pension rating)

Price: €€€

Size: 36 rooms in the main building + 10 additional rooms with terraces in the Spa area

Location: Steeped in its own wonderful history, this beautiful Costa Brava hotel enjoys a special location on the calm Portitxol beach, close to the Greek and Roman ruins (Ruins d’Empuries), a little way along the coast from L’Escala town.

Description: Hostel Empuries recently opened 10 new Spa rooms – in an annex to the old building - they look lovely. Hostal Empuries has a great restaurant (my brother was a chef here once!!) spa, yoga classes, library, kids area and even boat rental. A wonderful place to get married!

Review: There are not a lot of words that can describe how wonderful our stay in Hostal Empúries was. This aged but renovated hostal is located in the wild coast of Catalunya, nearby the well known Escala...(read more)

Hotel Bonaire L’Escala



Price: €€

Size: 12 rooms

Location: Hotel Bonaire is right on the seafront and a short walk to the main streets and restaurants of central L´Escala.

Description: This Costa Brava hotel is small and simple. A popular budget-conscious choice and has always received good reviews for value and services, which include wifi, private parking and a coffee bar. All rooms have terraces.

Review: I have just spent a week on the Costa Brava, I rented a car from Girona airport. I originally booked the hotel for my first night and was intending to move on up the coast. However I found L'Escala totally charming...(read more)

Hostal El Roser L’Escala


Stars: ☆☆ (Pension rating)

Price: €€

Size: 28 rooms

Location: Hostel El Roser is a pension located in the old part of L´Escala, a short walk to the centre of town and seafront.

Description: This Costa Brava hotel provides guests with authentic local family cuisine from the restaurant within. The daily menu here in the hostal is highly recommended (usually lots of fish on offer) and a real bargain.

Review: We started our 7 day costal walk by staying our first night here. It was perfectly adequate, the room was modest but clean and everything worked and was in order...(read more)

La Farandola Hotel L’Escala


Stars: ☆☆ (Pension rating)

Price: €€

Size: 8 rooms

Location: La Farandola is located close to Reills beach where the Sunday market is held. It is also a pleasant 10-15 minute stroll up to L’Escala town along the seafront.

Description: Very small Costa Brava B&B offering simple rooms and restaurant.


Hostal Mediterra L’Escala


Stars: ☆ (Pension rating)


Size: 21 rooms

Location: Hostal Mediterra is located just behind the town hall in L’Escala old town, just a short walk from L'Escala town centre and seafront.

Description: This small Costa Brava hotel offers simple rooms and a restaurant (local home made cooking), free wifi and a secure lock-up for bicycles and scuba gear.

Review: Wonderful little hostel/hotel in the middle of town run by a very friendly couple. Not a five star hotel by any means but a great place to sleep and make...(read more)

La Vinya L’Escala


Stars: ☆☆ (Pension rating)


Size: 24 rooms

Location: This small sized Costa Brava hotel is only a 100 metre walk from Riells beach.

Description: La Vinya has pleasant clean rooms with a bar and restaurant.


Hotel Miryam L’Escala


Stars: ☆☆ (Pension rating)

Price: €€

Size: 10 rooms

Location: This small Costa Brava hotel is located at the bottom of Ronda del Pedro only a short walk up to the centre of L’Escala town.

Description: Hotel Miryam has a bar and restaurant serving apparently good seafood.  

Tel: (+34) 972 770 287


Hotel Nieves Mar L’Escala


Stars: ☆☆☆

Price: €€€

Size: 80 rooms

Location: Hotel Nieves Mar is situated on the seafront between the town centre of L’Escala and Riells beach.

Description: This well equipped family run Costa Brava hotel provides guests with restaurant-bar, wifi, laundry, tennis courts, garden and a salt water pool. It is also a popular wedding venue.

Review: In a convenient sea front location with ample off street parking this family run hotel is highly recommended. Staff were all very helpful with the majority English speaking. Rooms were of ample size...(read more)

L’Escala Town Beach


Stars: ☆ (Pension rating)


Size: 9 rooms

Location: Hostal Poch is located just west of L’Escala town centre, very near the small L’Escala Town Beach. It is in a good location for walks in to town or for a longer stretch of the legs (a fine walk along the promenade behind the beach to Sant Marti d’Empuries past the Greek and Roman, Ruins d’Empuries). (this a photo of L’Escala Town Beach)

Description: A small Costa Brava hotel with simple rooms and basic services including a coffee bar.

Tel: (+34) 972 770 092


Rallye Hotel L’Escala


Stars: ☆☆

Price: €€

Size: 16 rooms

Location: Rallye Hotel is right on the seafront and a short walk to the main streets and restaurants of central L´Escala. It enjoys fantastic views of Cap de Creus headland across the Bay of Roses. It is also only a short walk to L'Escala Town beach and Riells beach.

Description: This family run Costa Brava hotel provides guests with good traditional cuisine from the restaurant. Wifi is available and many of the rooms have terraces overlooking the bay.

Review: We got a large room, with two large terraces, both overlooking the sea and the boardwalk. In addition there were 3 large windows in the room. 
This is a 2 star hotel, with that said, it could easily be a 3 star...(read more)

L’Escala Town Beach




Size: 11 rooms

Location: Hotel Reina is set back in the old part of L’Escala town, near the small L’Escala Town Beach. It’s only a short walk away from the shops and other L’Escala beaches. (this a photo of L’Escala Town Beach)

Description: A simple backstreet Costa Brava hotel offering value rooms and basic services including a bar-cafeteria. Pets are allowed!

Tel: (+34) 972 770 515


Pensio Torrent L’Escala


Stars: ☆ (Pension rating)


Size: 13 rooms

Location: This Costa Brava hotel is located right in the heart of L’Escala, only a short walk to L’Escala Town Beach and shops.

Description: Pensio Torrent is a good clean budget option for L’Escala, especially considering how central its location is. Pets are welcome upon request.

Review: This is a good option if you want to visit the north and Cadaques, Portlligat, L'Escala, L'Estartit, Begur and around these villages. A pension is clean, with TV...(read more)

Riells Beach L’Escala


Stars: ☆☆ (Pension rating)


Size: 8 rooms

Location: Hotel Tramontana is equal distance from L’Escala Town Beach and Riells Beach. (this a photo of Riells Beach)

Description: Another good clean budget option for L’Escala. It has a cafe/bar and a terrace. Pets are allowed in this Costa Brava hotel.

Tel: (+34) 972 770 021


Pensio Vista Alegra L’Escala


Stars: ☆ (Pension rating)


Size: 16 rooms

Location: This Costa Brava hotel is located right on the main seafront of L’Escala Town Beach, amongst the restaurants and shops.

Description: A lovely little budget choice with a great location. Pets are allowed and there is free wifi.


Hotel Voramar L’Escala


Stars: ☆☆☆

Price: €€€

Size: 35 rooms

Location: This Costa Brava hotel is located right on the main seafront of L’Escala, just east of L'Escala Town beach, the restaurants and shops.

Description: An old fashioned mid-range hotel with good location. The Voramar boasts a sea water pool that is refreshed every night, a private strip of sand, a bar with evening entertainment and restaurant.

Review:If escapism is the key you certainly get it here, you escape to another era. I love the local Catalan life and soaking up the atmosphere of this gem of a place...(read more)

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