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Whilst we have had direct experience of the Costa Brava beaches, the restaurants, most of the attractions and many of the activities...we haven’t had direct experience of the accommodation on offer in the Costa Brava.

So we racked our brains on how we could provide information on the accommodation in the Costa Brava, which would be as useful as possible in letting you chose the best place to stay for your Costa Brava holiday, without just providing a list like the tourist office does.

Obviously, a list of hotels, campsites etc is helpful...but it doesn’t really help you decide which one is for me, without trawling through each places website (and who has the time for that).

So, we have put together a series of directories...

How Do The Costa Brava Accommodation Directories Work?

Each Costa Brava accommodation directory has a list of beaches/towns.

Just click on the name of the beach/town you are interested in to go to a complete listing of that type of accommodation for that place.

Then there are just three simple steps to find your perfect accommodation...

Step 1 - Click on the link at the top of the page to read about and see pictures of the beach (some of the beaches even have a webcam to let you check out what the beach looks like right now). If you’re thinking...YES that’s the beach for me, hit the back bar on your computer to come back to the directory.

Step 2 - Review the list of Costa Brava accommodations to find which ones most appeal to you according to...

Number of Stars (if applicable)

Price Range

Hotel Prices are per night for a standard double room at height of season (July and August)

    € = €50 and less

    €€ = €50 - €100

    €€€ = €100 - €200

    €€€€ = €200 - €400

    €€€€€ = €400+

Campsite Prices are per night for 2 adults, 1 pitch (inc. tent/caravan) with electricity and 1 vehicle at height of season (July and August)

    € = €20 and less

    €€ = €20 - €30

    €€€ = €30 - €40

    €€€€ = €40 - €50

    €€€€€ = €50+

Size (is the place small and cosy or big and spacious)

Location (how near is it to the beach or the shops)

Description (what facilities does the accommodation provide? does it cater for kids? how about pets?)

Step 3 - Click on the review link to read real reviews, by real people, who have actually stayed there! (not all of our listed Costa Brava accommodations have reviews yet, but as soon as they do we will add them)

We also provide you with the website address for each Costa Brava accommodation so you can take a better look at whichever one takes your fancy.

The directories help you find the perfect type of accommodation, on the perfect beach.

We really hope you have a wonderful Costa Brava holiday!!

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