Holidays in Costa Brava:
 Interview 2

Holidays in Costa Brava Family Interview:
Louise and Luke (parents of a 7 year old girl and a 3 year old boy)

Tips On Flying Ryanair With Babies:

  • Definitely do priority boarding - so much less stressful!

General Tips On Flying With Babies:

  • Bring your own snacks (I create a snack pot at home - just a tuppaware pot with their favourite things in) 
  • Bring empty bottles which you can fill up with water after you have gone through airport security
  • Bring activities for the kids - we are particularly keen on downloading films and tv programmes for them to watch (but make sure you bring ear phones!) 
  • Make sure you have everything to hand in a small bag below your seat 
  • For take off and landing - have drinks, sweets and calpol 
  • Pull up nappies for toddlers are total life savers for moments when can’t go (they always seem to want to go just as the plane starts taxiing down the runway!)
  • Agree who is having the window seat before you get on the plane so you don’t have screaming kids 
  • Spending a bit more (i.e. meet and greet service at Stansted Airport) is definitely worth it for the stress saved
  • Airport transfer when you get to your destination is much less stressful than getting a hire car

Holidays In Costa Brava With Children:

  • Check the security on the villa you are renting - is there a gate on the pool, is the balcony secure, are there child gates (if not, can you rent them)
  • The Costa Brava is marvellous as it's family friendly, incredibly beautiful, green, lush and hilly, with a great range of beaches, lots of fun stuff to do - nature, sea, boats, pools, water parks! 
  • It feels classier than a lot of other places we have been to in Spain (dare I say it..."no chavs") 
  • Easy short flight from UK
  • Lots of tourists from all over Europe and from the rest of the world, not just British, which is great
  • Catalan food is fantastic! 
  • I think we would choose Llafranc for a toddler (rather than Tamariu, where we are staying) because the sand is finer and so they can sit in the surf more easily. But there is better snorkelling in Tamariu for slighter older children and of course the diving board!
  • Make sure you research on the internet - what there is to do on the Costa Brava, as there is not that much information available when you get here and each town only has information for that town 
  • The Costa Brava beaches are busy by 10am in peak season so make sure you get there early, especially if you want to park 
  • It didn’t seem as busy in August as we thought it would be, but perhaps the hotels are busy
  • The villa we are renting is about 15 minutes walk from Tamariu beach and amenities - next time I would rent somewhere closer for easy strolling out
  • It’s hard to tick all the boxes in Spain - of having no high rises, it being green, having good beaches, being family friendly, being very spanish (or rather Catalan) and not being too hot in August (we found the south of Spain too hot for children in August). The Costa Brava ticked all the boxes for us.
  • We would love to come back!! 
  • We haven't had one bad meal on our holiday - it costs €60 on average for a family of 4 having 5 dishes to share and drinks 
  • Not cheap, but not ridiculous - you have the choice to shop in Aldi or Lidl and not eat in the sea front restaurants 
  • Loved the walk from Llafranc to Calella and the panoramic views from Sant Sebastian

Costa Brava Water Park Review (Aquabrava Water Park, Roses):

Bad things:

  • There is no child concession on entry if the child is over 120cm (which our 7 year old is) but she wasn't allowed to go on all the rides
  • There are only a couple of rides that children can go on with parents 

Good things:

  • Awesome - very shady and green (not a concrete monstrosity)

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