Cycling Girona - roads to avoid?

by Sam
(London, UK)

Hi there, I am researching some cycling routes around the Girona/Banyoles/Figueres area. I have used mapping websites to upload onto my Garmin before but never in Catalonia/Spain.

Is the C 66 north of Girona safe for bikes to use? I will be in the area in late July, the height of the summer holiday period and was wondering what traffic is like with the C roads? Viewing via Google maps, the C 66 appears unavoidable to get from say, Banyoles to Girona on a road bike.

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Cycling Girona, Banyoles, Figueres
by: Real-Costa-Brava

Hi Sam

The C66 out of Girona is a busy road and will definitely be at its busiest at the end of July, as it is the main road leading to the Costa Brava, but having said that, plenty of cyclists use it.

To get to Figueres you can always catch the train and start cycling from there. Unfortunately there is no train from Girona to Banyoles.

You could always take this back road cycling route to Banyoles, which only involves a short stint on the C66.

A popular cycle route near Figueres is this one.

This whole area is always full of cyclists and you will come across them on most roads. But if you would like some extra comfort regarding the roads, you could contact one of the bike tour companies in the area.

Hope you have a good time!

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