Cycling Routes Costa Brava:
Banyoles to Rocacorba

Rocacorba is at the top of the highest mountain (Puigsou) in the province of Girona.

The route starts in the town of Banyoles in the Garrotxa region of Catalonia (north west of Girona).

It is a steep 13 km road. Great views from the top.


Average gradient of 6% (there is a section that is 11%)

(Pretty much anyone can manage a gradient of up to 5%)

How to Get to Banyoles from Girona (and then to the cycle route)

  • Head north out of Girona on the C-66.
  • After 20 km you will see a left turn on to the C-150a road to the town of Banyoles - take this.
  • The C-150a is a straight road through the town. Stay on this for approx 3.5 km, until you see a left turn on the GI-524 (Carrer de Guemol)
  • When you reach the T-junction, turn left (still the GI-524).
  • The road quickly bends round to the right. Take a left turn, just past some farm buildings, on to the GIV-5247 (Avinguda de Catalunya) heading towards the village of Pujarnal.
  • Stay on the GIV-5247 all the way past Pujarnal, on to Rocacorba.

If you want to test yourself a little bit further - take a slight detour to Ermita de Sant Mauricio (ignore the left turn after 250m, which continues your route on the GIV-5247, and stay on the Avinguda de Catalunya, which becomes Ainguda de Puig Suris). The road rejoins the GIV-5247 a little further on. Or...

You can carry on past Rocacorba and join the route to Germans Sabat (in Girona).

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