Sardanas and Habaneras Festivals

by Anonymous

You say that the "oldies" get up for the sardanas. Sad if the youngsters are not ensuring this dance survives since it is such an integral part of Catalan culture.

Although you tell us interminably (in brackets) what they are, you persist in referring to the drinking of "burnt rum", which doesn't do justice to the flavour of cremat and a simple description of it (once) would be preferable in my opinion and encourage visitors to try it.


Sorry that our festivals page is not to your liking. The reason we offer descriptions of each type of festival each time it occurs is because some people do not look at the entire calendar of festivals, they merely look at the few days they are visiting the Costa Brava, and so we wanted to provide those visitors with all the information, so that they do not have to scroll through the entire calendar to find out what something is.

Sardanas - young people do dance the sardanas, but what we like about this dancing particularly is that the grandmothers and grandfathers always get up to dance this traditional folk dance, probably to show the younger ones how it’s really done. It is just a lovely inclusive of all ages tradition.

Habaneras - you are right that the description of burnt rum does not do justice to the flavour of cremat. However, burnt rum is often what people know it as. But for those of you that want to know more about this fabulous drink and the Habanera, please take a look at this page.

Imogen and Jonnie

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