Travel from Barcelona Cruise terminal to Llafranc?

by Beth

My husband and I wish to travel to Costa Brava after a cruise from Lisbon to Barcelona. We will have four nights. Is it best to rent a car from the cruise terminal area?
Or should we hire a driver to take us to Llafranc and then rent a car once we get to the Costa Brava?
We will need to return to the airport.
I'm concerned since we are not at all familiar with the city getting in and out of Barcelona may be difficult???
A driver may make it much easier.
Any suggestions?

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Barcelona Port to Costa Brava

Hi Beth

There are no car hire companies located at the cruise terminal at Barcelona Port Vell but there is a taxi rank.

The easiest and least stressful option is for you to take a taxi to Llafranc and hire a car when you get there. You could either catch a taxi from the Port or order a taxi from Palafrugell (the nearest town to Llafranc) to come and collect you - this might be the best option as you might be able to arrange a discount because you could use the same company to take you back to the airport.

The nearest hire car companies to Llafranc are in Palafrugell.

Or you could take a taxi to the airport and collect a hire car and drive yourself to Llafranc. However, if you do not feel comfortable driving in Barcelona (you wouldn’t have to drive through the city centre though) and want a more relaxing time I would take a taxi to Llafranc.

A taxi from Barcelona to Llafranc will cost in region of 200€
A small hire car will cost about 50€ per day

Hope you have a wonderful holiday.

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