Thanks for the awesome website!

by Ellen Castleberry
(Chicago, IL, United States of America)


I just found your website and I just wanted to thank you! There is so much helpful information on your site, and your opinions and personal insight are very helpful too!

My soon-to-be husband and I will be going on our honeymoon in September from Paris to Barcelona and are planning stopping in Begur for 4 days. Do you know if restaurants and stores will still be open in Begur in September (we are arriving 12 September and staying until 16)? Do you think there will be a lot of tourists?

Also, have you seen this newspaper article about the Costa Brava? That is how we first heard about it.

Thank you!

Ellen Castleberry


Hi Ellen

Thank you so much for your kind comments. You have absolutely made our day!

Your honeymoon sounds fabulous. What a trip. Please tell us all about it after you return home, on our Your Stories page. We would love to hear about it.

Begur in September will be quieter than the full on touristy months of July and August (when the kids are on school holidays).

I think September is a lovely time to visit the Costa Brava because the weather is usually still good, the stores and restaurants are still open and there are a lot less people.

Make sure you pack a sweater though and a jacket. Hopefully you will have sunshine every day, but it might be quite cool sometimes (particularly in the evenings). The average temperature for the Costa Brava in September is 21.3 degrees centigrade, with the minimum being 17.5.

All the beaches on the Begur headland are just stunning, but definitely visit Illa Roja, Sa Tuna and Platja Fonda. If you have time, and like walking, do a section of the Cami de Ronda (the old pirate trail that hugs the rocky headland). It is such a beautiful walk and is a wonderful way to stumble upon the beaches. Our recommendation would be to walk from Platja del Raco to Sa Tuna - it takes about 3-4 hours or longer if you linger on the beaches. Then you could treat yourselves to lunch/dinner at Sa Tuna Hotel Restaurant.

Have a fabulous wedding and honeymoon.

Kind regards


P.S. Thank you for the NYTimes link. We hadn’t seen it before. Looks like someone else loves this place too.

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