Scuba Diving in Spain

by Prabhat Singh
(Brussels, Belgium)

We would like to go scuba diving on the Costa Brava in November 2013.

What are the charges for different kinds of dives per person?

1. Deep sea diving?
2. Scuba diving?
3. Snorkelling?

Also, does the above mentioned require any special experience in the field? Since we are beginners I would like to know whether we can go for deep sea diving or not?

Thank you



Hi Prabhat

You do not need any qualifications or experience to go snorkelling. A snorkel trip on the Costa Brava will cost around €30 for a couple of hours.

If you have not scuba dived before, you can do a try dive (shallow dive of 7 -10 metres) or take the open water course (this will only allow you to dive to 12-18 metres).

If you would like to go deep diving (30 metres or more is considered “deep” in scuba diving) you will have to take the advanced open water course.

An open water course on the Costa Brava can be done in 3-5 days (you can do the theory online before you come) and costs around €400.

An advanced open water course on the Costa Brava can be done in 2 days and costs around €300.

Best wishes

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Costa Brava Open Water Dive Course
by: Imogen

Hi Prabhat

I have responded to you by email.

Kind regards


Scuba Diving Open Water Course
by: Prabhat


Thanks a lot for your reply.

I along with few of my other friends are looking up to go scuba diving 
basic level (as none of us have done it before) So will try a shallow 

What diving package can you offer us? Since there are many students here on exchange from my college. I 
would like to spread a word about you as well. because they are also 
interested in doing the same.

It will be very helpful if you reply back with the complete package for the 
scuba shallow diving and how do we get to your place.

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