Best way to get from Costa Brava back to Barcelona Airport?

by Annabel Sheinberg
(Salt Lake City, UT)


First of all - I love your site! It's awesome. Thank you.

Second: Our family is renting a place for a week - three generations celebrating my mom's 70th birthday. Looks spectacular. Our family is leaving one day earlier than everyone else.

Two questions: Is there a train from Girona to the airport? And a website from which to book a reservation?

Do you know how we could locate a van that would seat 12?

Annabel Sheinberg
Salt Lake City, UT


Hi Annabel

Thanks for getting in touch.

So glad you like, we always feel on cloud 9 when someone tells us that.

Sounds like you have an amazing holiday planned. What a way to celebrate your Mum’s 70th Birthday.

Train to Barcelona Airport from Girona:

There is no direct train from Girona to Barcelona airport. You will have to take 2 trains:

From Girona to Barcelona Sants or Passeig de Gracia (timetable)

From Barcelona Sants or Passeig de Gracia to Barcelona Airport (timetable)

The train station in Barcelona Airport is located in terminal 2, module B (T2B). If you need to get to terminal 1, there is a shuttle bus.

You can buy the train ticket to Barcelona Airport at a ticket vending machine in Barcelona Sants or Passeig de Gracia.

Car rental Costa Brava:

I think you will struggle to hire a 12 seater minibus in Barcelona or Girona. There are several car hire companies operating on the Costa Brava. However, the largest vehicles they have for hire are 9 seaters. It might be worth phoning the companies to see if they can arrange a 12 seater for you. Failing that you may have to hire 2 vehicles.

Auriga Crown Car Hire - 7 seater minivans
Avis Car Hire - 9 seater minivans
Goldcar Car Hire - 7 seater minivans
Hertz Car Hire - 7 seater minivans
National Atesa Car Hire - 7 seater minivans

Hope you all have a wonderful time celebrating your Mum’s Birthday. We would love to hear about your holiday/vacation, so please write to us and let us know what you get up to.

Best wishes


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