Barcelona Cruise - Scuba Diving Costa Brava

by Irene

My name is Irene and I will visit Barcelona by Cruise 23/08/2015. I will arrive to the port of Barcelona at 5.00 am until 6.00 pm. I want to go to the Medes Islands for Scuba Diving. As far as I have researched I can see that I need 2 hours to get there, and I don't want to lose my time traveling so long... DO you have any suggestions?

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Barcelona Port to L'Estartit
by: Real-Costa-Brava

Hi Irene

Yes you are right, it is about 2 hours minimum from Barcelona port to L’Estartit (where the Medes Islands marine park is located).

You can either take the train from Barcelona-Sants to Flaca (1 hour 38 minutes more or less) and get a taxi the last 22kms (20 minutes)

or take a train from Barcelona-Sants to Girona (38 minutes) and then take a bus to L’Estartit (1 hour),

Obviously, with the public transport option you need to take into account waiting times as well (particularly so early in the morning).

For train/bus times follow links on this page.

So probably the best option for you, is to take the whole journey by taxi (150km). Which will take about 2 hours door to door.

It is quite a trek for 1 day, but is doable.

Best wishes and happy diving!

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