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Hotels in Sant Pere Pescador

Below is a complete list of all the Costa Brava hotels in Sant Pere Pescador.

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Hotel Costa Brava - Sant Pere Pescador...

Hotel Can Ceret Sant Pere Pescador


Stars: ☆☆☆

Price: €€€

Size: 10 rooms

Location: This Costa Brava hotel is in Sant Pere Pescador town centre, close to the river Fluvia. About 10 - 15 minutes walk to the beach of Sant Pere Pescador.

Description: Converted from a lovely old 18th century stone town building, Hotel Can Ceret is a lovely choice of hotel. There is a terrace courtyard, delightful looking restaurant and the rooms are all very well presented.

Review: Lovely cool stone interior and spacious rooms with large well equipped bathrooms (found most hotels in Spain having baths with shower over, which suits us well). Also a lift which is great for us as son is wheelchair user. Staff...(read more)

Apart-Hotel Raquel’s Sant Pere Pescador


Stars: ☆☆☆

Price: €€

Size: 10 rooms

Location: This Costa Brava hotel is located in a central street in the town. As Sant Pere Pescador is small, nothing here is more than a short stroll away. The beach of Sant Pere Pescador is about 10 - 15 minutes walk.

Description: Apart-Hotel Raquel’s is, as its name suggests, a hybrid between apartments and a hotel - the rooms have a small kitchen. There is also a restaurant, a terrace area and laundry service.


Hotel El Pescador Sant Pere Pescador


Stars: not rated


Size: 20 rooms

Location: This budget Costa Brava hotel is run by the same management as Apart-Hotel Raquel’s. It is also found in the town centre of Sant Pere Pescador. The beach of Sant Pere Pescador is about 10 - 15 minutes walk.

Description: Hotel El Pescador has basic clean rooms, some with balconies. There is also a restaurant. Pets are allowed upon request.


Hotel El Moli Sant Pere Pescador


Stars: not rated

Price: €€

Size: 26 rooms

Location: This Costa Brava hotel is just south of Sant Pere Pescador, over the bridge close to the River Fluvia. The beach of Sant Pere Pescador is about 10 - 15 minutes walk.

Description: Hotel El Moli is located amongst a lovely pine wood. With a relaxing garden, swimming pool, kids playground, snack bar, wifi, library, tennis courts and bicycle/scuba gear lockup facility. This is possibly Sant Pere Pescador’s best all round hotel option….especially at the price.

Review: I thought this hotel was fantastic. Beautiful rooms in a lovely location. Only thing is that there is no air conditioning so I can imagine it may get very hot in summer. Also...(read more)

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